to much verbage on the client and the website

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1. gamelover,

I am using nvda to access the playroom.
When I do this, and I am playing a game, such as uno, after I draw cards, or when other people draw cards, I will receive the simple message, and it is one word, and the word is "blank"
Even as I am typing this message, I am receiving the word blank, when I hit the enter key or get to the end of a line.
Infact just sitting here now is also giving me the word blank,blank constantly.
Its not very fun to have this extra talking all the time.
Am I missing something in settings within the playroom or something that might help this situation?
Using windows 10 with latest nvda snapshot.
Thank you

2. helleon,

i think that's how its meant to be? lol

3. WindowEyes,

Hello, I think that is NVDA Ishou, because this never happened me here with NVDA. Try changing some settings(In preference menu) or Ask one of NVDA users if they are incountering this ishou.
I wish you the best of luck with ficsing this bug.

4. the-alchemist,

Never happened here either, and have been using both JAWS and NVDA. I'm not sure what the problem is.

5. each-and-everythinh ,

It used to happen to me when I had dictation bridge installed.

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