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1. Shewolf ,

Hi all. I am having troubles with opening and appearing the list of players in actual room, in global playroom, my friendlist and also a blocked users list. Simply when i rpress ctrl u or ctrl shift u, it says to me how many people are logged in, but playroom frozens and i am being reconnected, or even that not sometimes. Whole playroom goes andi have to close and open again. Chat works normally. I can move from table to table, but not open a list. At first i thought that it is because of net, but probably not. Also chat would be laggy. Do some of you know what is going on? Thanks

2. benedictus-De-Spinoza,

This Problem never happened to Me and The most Users of The QuentinC's Gameroom

try Re-installing The QuentinC's Gameroom, maybe The Problem will be fixed

Latest edition by benedictus-De-Spinoza, Jul 10 2016 22:31:41

3. WindowEyes,

Strange, it some times happend to me regarding the list, but playroom is not crashing. Regarding lagging chat, this probably slow net, or something with a server.

4. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Hope I understood your what you require.
- If you were pressing these keys constantly playroom would get a crash and close itself.
Another thing, from main room, press F2 to view available options, and choose see online users or something similar to that.

5. RedHawk,

Just a little correction:

Client is not crashing when a player holds down a key or spams, it just exits. It's a common way of flood prevention.

Though maybe that's not the case and I'm totally wrong. Who knows?

6. basket,

In most cases the client will boot you for a second for flood prevention. On occasion however, it will close the client and the end user will have to reopen it.

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