99 Does not Follow its Own Rules

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1. KG4RDF,

The game rules state that a 2 will divide the total of the discard pile by 2 if it is equal to or greater than 49. However, a 2 often doubles the total rather than reducing it. This doesn't seem to be consistent. Sometimes it does divide the total by 2. This often causes one to lose the hand unfairly. I hope this can be corrected soon.

Thank You

Latest edition by KG4RDF, Jul 31 2016 18:15:08

2. each-and-everythinh ,

it doubles it if it's an odd number like , you can't divide 63 by 2 so it will divide it if it's for example 64. I hope it was clear

Latest edition by each-and-everythinh , Jul 31 2016 18:39:10

3. basket,

you obviously can't divide by two if it's an odd number.

4. KG4RDF,

I have since figured out that the discard pile value will be doubled if you try to play a 2 when a number can't be evenly divided. If a number is greater than 49, but a 2 is played when the pile total is at an odd number, the value will always be doubled. That's something that might be added to the rules. I was just going off of explicitly what the rules said rather than putting two and two together at first. My apologies.

5. RedHawk,

Help file has this exact line:

•If the current total is even and greater than 49, a 2 divides it by two. In all other cases, a 2 doubles it.

I don't know how it can be any more explicit than that? boggles

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