Problem with System access

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1. WindowEyes,

Hello all, I have find out, that when you use system access as your screen reader, and you reach a long line, such as a person in your friend list wich has the long status message, or a forum topic with a long title, or something like that, System access reads first hmmm say: 40 characters of the line. I don't kno Why this happens, but it seems that this only happens on the windows desktop client. I hope that this will be ficsed soon.

2. Adventure-Time,

I have zero experience with using System Access, but perhaps it might be the same issue I had with Jaws. Try to press the right arrow while standing on the user with a longish status. It should read the full content.

3. WindowEyes,

I pressed the right errow and it I think reads just more of the status. I even maximize the window but nothing spetially happened.

4. Aminiel,

I don't know system access at all. What I can say is that, to fix the issue with Jaws, you have to change the MSAA mode for listboxes in the setting center (this is automatically done upon startup if possible). I don't know if SA has a similar setting.

You may also try to disable colors in playroom options. A few system/screen readers combinations don't work well with ownerdrawn listboxes.

5. WindowEyes,

I both don't see an MSAA mode in System access preferences, and dessabled colors but problem continues. I think that it may be because System access reads only what is on the screen visually reder then showing all text asoshiated with this particule List item.

6. Aminiel,

Try to disable colors in the playroom options.

7. WindowEyes,

I have tryed this, but it stil did not speak the hol item.

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