client closing after logging in

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1. carrottop1023,

Hi, my girlfriend was trying to play the games and she goes to either turn the music down or off, even if she trys to tab around, the client decides to close on her, she has successfully validated her account but, no joy, she wasn't able to play the games on the client, she is still not able to play them

2. Aminiel,

Closing at volume change is a known bug, which will be corrected in next client release.

However, she should be able to play anyway... can you tell me her nickname ?

3. ,

Hi. I've tried to log in and connect to the server, but I am having trouble. When I try to log in I put in my username and password and hit Connect, but I don't get any music, it just says that I have been disconnected from the server. I'm thinking about starting over with a new account. How can I delete my current account and start fresh with a new one? These games sound really fun.

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