Error with the Windows Client (Translation)

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1. Saniel_Morse,

Hello, I come with another bug translation from the spanish server. This post comes from a user named Mistli_teocuitlatic (sorry if I misspelt his name lol). I don't have that problem actually, but according to all those posts on the corresponding thread this is happening often. Here it is:

Good morning or evening, depending on the current case. I'd like to tell about something that occurs to me with the windows client, since with the web one that issue doesn't happen.
Well, what's happening is that let's say, I'm connected and due to some thing I leave the client inactive, it crashes and I just can use it again by closing and opening it.
For example, I had written this message instants ago and when it was time to send it, there was a sound like it were reconnecting, so it conected back. Other times the client doesn't reconnect automatically and I must close it (pressing alt f4) in order that this works.
Also this happens when broadcasting some radio programs, and so on.
I clarify that it's not about my Internet network, 'cause I'm doing other things with Internet and it doesn't slow down.
For example, sometimes I'm broadcasting; the show is outstanding, and Playroom closes.
I hope you guys could help me out, or comment if anyone has witnessed that issue. I've done everything:
Reinstalled the client, I deleted the data folder, etc.
Kind regards.

2. basket,

Never had this happen.

3. fire-starter,

same here

4. Aminiel,

It may be the 8 hours bug.

5. Saniel_Morse,

It might be, but unless the radio program owners broadcast more than 8 hours and the usual people put playroom outside the same time amount, then this could be logical to happen: but according to some newer posts, they leave the playroom in the background and when they come back, it does not respond and then it reconnects again. Some operating systems from the users is Windows7; however this neither happens to me so it's harder to construct this on my case. It occurs, for example, when I put my computer in suspend mode and I come back to play, yet this behavior is due to that Playroom is suddenly outside the Internet, so it's like the network stopped working when actually Playroom loses the connection when the computer is suspended.

Best regards

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