Sluggishness on Quentencies Game room with my new laptop

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1. afrim,

Hello everyone, players and admins,
So a month ago I bought a new laptop which is very powerful, but is experiencing a problem with Playroom. The problem is that the client does not respond very well to my commands. So, if I press W to see the number of players in a table, the client will take half a second or more to respond. This goes for every command I excicute, despite of the laptop's 8 GB of RAM, 2.2 up to 2.7 GHZ of intel core I5 processor, and 1 TB of hard drive. The laptop is running Windows 10 and the internet speed is 4 Megabits per second. You may come up and say, "your problem resides on the speed of your internet conection." But that is very wrong, because on both my other computers which do not have the high specs of this laptop the Playroom client works solidly.
If anyone does have an idea on how to get over this problem, I would extremely appreciate his/her work.

2. each-and-everythinh ,

HI , i know that you said your connection is fine , but it can be only 2 things: Connection or server of playroom having issues. It's not performance of your laptop as pr doesn't have huge system requirements. So i don't think anyone can do much about it unfortunately.

3. sound2,

Hi, have had similar problems from time to time. I've noticed it more on rs games. The whole thing becomes very sluggish at times. I don't know if it's my internet connection or something else. I hope you find a solution.

4. afrim,

Thank you Sound 2, I really hope to find a solution to this problem because I refuse to rely on my old Laptop anymore.

5. The-warlord,

It might be a temporary situation of a low speed for your internet, just being it unstable. To make sure, have you tried playroom with your two computers at the same time when you see low response?

6. afrim,

Of course I've done it. But sometimes there's not need to. Everytime I try playroom on this laptop it is slow, but on both other computers it runs smoothly.

7. fire-starter,

i wonder what this post means ...

8. RedHawk,

Ahem, I was going to give you detailed instructions about how to test to find out what's the problem, but I then figured that I had more important things to do in this life. But it's most likely that your computer's wireless device is faulty. WOO.

9. ceyda,

To be honest, I do not believe that there was any use in revealing the fact that you had to do more important things in your life.

10. The-warlord,

RedHawk, what the? Really, no comment. Since your comment is really pointless.

11. Pavkov,

I will just say: too much kids on this forum!

12. Mayana,

I'm sure there are more important things to do in your life than telling people on a forum that you have more important things to do with your life, you know? :) If you want to help post, if you have more important things in life then ... go do them? It matters what you do, not what you say you will.

13. basket,

Excuse me, but you guys do not know how important this redhawk is. Please do not comment unless you know better.

14. grobar ,

I know, even more important than the fact that the topic is about lag on playroom and that it is a playroom forum.

15. ceyda,

Excuse me, but I do know it well enough to submit such a comment, and also to agree with the others who commented on this matter earlier. Since you did not even explain why RedHawk is that important and why the Playroom users should not comment “unless they know better”, I am going to give the following statement.

By saying that they should not comment “unless they know better”, you limit their freedom of discussing this matter by sharing their opinion (no matter whether they are right or not), even though you are not giving any valid explanation or reason supporting your statement. In my opinion, this is not the way a forum should be defined, and limiting people’s freedom of speech is not what a forum is for, even though the person limiting this freedom is a helper, admin or whatever. And since you did not justify your request in any way, it is an invalid one, according to my point of view, and thus does not have to bbe fulfilled.

As to the importance of RedHawk, again you did not even explain this, as I mentioned before. Therefore, I believe RedHawk is neither more nor less important than all other Playroom users and should be treated equally. If personal relations or something like that make you think that RedHawk is more important than any other player, you treat them all in a very unprofessional way. And I doubt someone representing the Playroom staff should act this way.

So I would appreciate it if you took this as a piece of constructive criticism. Thanks.

16. basket,

But see, this is an important man. You would be a fool not to notice it! All you should do is just talk to said man to figure out how important he is!

17. ceyda,

Yeah as I said, it's all about personal relations!
Too bad.

18. Cristina,

I absolutely agree with Ceida.
All of us are equal, and there's nobody who would be more important than the other people.
For me even the president of a country is just a human as me or anyone else is.

19. Mayana,

Does it matter how important he is? He might be Trump for all I care, on this forum, I believe everyone has the right to be the same level of important, and someone doesn't have the right to be an asshole (sorry for the language) just because of his "importance". He might be the developer of playroom, Trump, Pitagora or your mom, changes nothing. Unless this is some joke, in which case, it's a shitty one. Sorry, but it is.

20. grobar ,

I actually do understand it's a joke though i think it went too far actually.

21. Aminetr25 ,

I see that this topic went away to an other one. From it was about a lagging playroom client to how important a person is?
I really see no relation, if you want to present yourself go do it in a damn free table or anything elss, that if anybody would care!

22. YNWA,

If you excuse my pun this topic is becoming a bit of a Basket case. At no time has Basket said that he would close the topic so I see no need for people to get over excited and jump on the band wagon.

As you say we all have the right to express our opinion on the forum and that applies to Basket as a player to. I guess Basket when expressing his own opinion will have to write in either FULL CAPS OR? put? a? explanation? mark? at? the? end? of? every? word? so? everybody? can? be? clear? witch? basket? is? writing? on? the? forum?

As you can see that is crazy so lets get some realism back into this topic!

23. basket,

I think realism has flown the nest, or dropped all forms of politesse after about the seventh post.

24. ceyda,

Wow, really?

25. Aminetr25 ,

Yeah, post 8 isn't polite. I think that is what do you mean!

Latest edition by Aminetr25 , Sep 27 2016 19:07:16

26. The-warlord,

It might be a joke. But regardless, being him an important person doesn't give him the right to act arrogantly, or what ever you wanna consider it. We're all equal. Ok if he's an important person, who will he be then? Prince of free tables? King of monopoly properties or dam master of kingdom of city of mercury?

27. afrim,

What's going on here?
I've had no time to keep an eye on this topic, as 've been more active on other places, but this topic as gone too far out of its way.
Guys, if you do not have such time to help the others, then, why on this earth do you consider commenting on this topic in the first place?
I truly believe Basket's comments are a wise joke on the poster who deviated the course of this topic, and it's weird that the poster hasn't written a reply to support Basket for what he has said yet.

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