Apple jass, selecting from or the entire kitty on the web client.

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1. basket,

Choossing the kitty, or picking a card with your six from the kitty appears to be impossible on the web client. With the growing number of users who are accessing the playroom from their phones, this is a major disadvantage and needs to be addressed quickly. As of now, I recommend web client users to not play jass apple unless they are willing to put up with this major disadvantage.

2. grobar ,

yeah it's true, also in the standard version you can't choose trump so yeah, that should be addressed also as it makes the game unplayable.

3. basket,

No, that is not a bug. What set's apple apart from team jass is not being able to select a trump so that is fine. It is suppose to be this way.

4. grobar ,

no you missunderstood what i wanted to say, i know that in apple jass you don't choose a trump but what i wanted to say is that, in team jass when you are supposed to choose trump you can't do it because there's no button for doing it on the web client.

5. Aminiel,


This will be fixed in the next update. Thank you for signaling this problem.

6. marina7,

hello I would also like to add that in belote from the web client. (I've tested from mac not iPhone) that I can't choose the score when I get the question choose a score limit once I press yes it give me an error something like undefined. I forgot the complete message but I can copy it and paste it next time if it's needed.

7. basket,

Hello Aminiel,
I have just tried jass today on the web client on the mac, and I got the following error when attempting to start a game.
ERROR: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'p.append
I am not sure if the new changes has been made but I thought that I mention this as starting a game is a very important functionality which should be addressed.

Latest edition by basket, Oct 3 2016 02:26:39

8. basket,

this is just an update to the error. Marina and I have established that this error appears with an game that requires one to enter in text or numbers IE raising in poker, setting a target score, etc. I have also tested this with my iPhone running the latest build of IOS 10, and on my mac running the latest build of Mac OS Sierra and getting the same error.

9. Aminiel,

Yes, the problem has also been reported in french. The new Safari chipped with iOS10, as well as firefox 49 are affected. Until firefox 48 and on Chrome it works.
At the moment, no solution, I will try to find one quickly.

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