Bug in Webclient's edit boxe when using Firefox49.0 for Windows

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1. Space-Rage,


This is My first Post in The Forum

Yesterday when I updated Firefox to 49.0 to test Webclient on it and When I try to change My Status Message it shows error: p is undefind

it's also happened when I try to change Table's Topic or When I set a scor limit in any Game

2. Aminiel,

This bug is now fixed, thank you for signaling.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Oct 9 2016 00:54:04

3. Space-Rage,

Hi Aminiel: This Bug is still happened, but now without This error

When I try to change Table Topic or Status Message nothing happened

4. Aminiel,

Make sure that you cleared the cache.

5. Space-Rage,


it works

6. basket,

I just tried setting target score with Safari for mac and the error I Had posted no longer appears. However, nothing seems to happen when I select yes to set score. for instance, when the dialogue box to set target score for victory, I double tap on yes and the game just sits with no noticeable aefect.
I am not sure if this bug with safari has been addressed but I thought I just provide an update to this particular bug with safari and web client.

7. cherry-blossom,

Hello, i used to be able to interact with the history in the webclient in safari after getting disconnected and reconnected, now i am only able to read the history if there is a link on it, no idea if this is a bug but wanted to report it either way, regards.

8. Space-Rage,

Try to clear The Websites browsing Data and it'll work

Latest edition by Space-Rage, Oct 10 2016 13:03:04

9. basket,

Okay, yes that worked. I wasn't sure if clearing cashes would apply to all platforms but it appears that it does. Thank you Aminiel for addressing this bug.

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