Two bugs in cribbage

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1. grobar ,

Hello, here are two bugs i just found in cribbage: First one, create a cribbage table, add one bot and then press enter. When it asks you do you want to play with default options? Press escape and after that you can't add or remove bots. The second one is a translation bug, when you play in teams, here is how teams are translated: Teams are: sa-dinare-soko against Superman.

2. Saniel_Morse,


Another small translation error. It's not that important but I do think that it's easier to fix smaller mistakes than bigger ones, therefore I'm taking advantage of this post to do so.

When someone else who's not you "plays" a card (note the quotes between that word), the message reads "play" and not "plays", like it should. Again, it's not that important but since someone else talked about some translation things, I also wanted to address this one.

Kind regards.

3. grobar ,

True i also noticed that but forgot to mention

4. Fawaz,

isn't a major bug, just you can press X to open the table then you can add bots or include new players.
Cause when you press escape like You chose nothing, therefore you can press f11 to bring the mesage back.
so you have to open the table again or choose yes or no.
best regards.

5. grobar ,

I didn't say it's a major bug, however it still is a bug. But thanks for saying you can press f11 to get the list back.

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