Play room problem [solved]

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1. BogdanMuresan ,

Hello all. I have a problem about play room. One of my friends wants to play with sapy5 sistem but if he turnd on sapy it not read in the play room mennu.

2. bryant,

yes i'm having the same problem. I wonder what's wrong

3. keyWasFull,

Make sure no other screen reader is on, and press control-f6 to toggle it on/off, I think

4. darklord ,

It didn't work. What's going on?

5. fatih ,

it's only reading top of the menus and the bottum.

6. Burak,

big bug.

7. Aminiel,

It will be corrected in next client release. Thank you for this report.

8. Burak,

I think it is fixed, to turn on sapi , you must shutdown your screenreader before launching the playroom. Launch it and login. And press ctrl+f6 and sapi will start talking.

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