Incorrect abandoning in chess

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1. Moriarty,

I have played chess on qp as white. When was sure, that I will win, my opponent pressed shift+m to abandon. I pressed shift+a to accept It, and then client says "The black have won" I think, that this is bug, because when someone is abandoning game, he must lost, no win. I am playing chess on warious tournaments, and this is a basic rule, or I understand something wrong? Chess rules seems to not be awailable, and I am from Slovak, so there is possibility that I not understand correct your meaning.
Thanks. I am only sure, that I losed two partions, one today and one yesterday, both wond from my side.
Thanks for explayn or bug fix.

2. grobar ,

This is a bug i believe. This should be fixed, it's there for a long time now.

3. soundarya,

It is clearly a bug and I have seen it.
Moreover, resignation is not offered like a draw, but is in fact declared. Meaning that if the opponent resigns you are not authorised to reject it.
Its one's prerogative to resign and once one resigns he loses the game the opponent does not have to accept the resignation.
So, this is another serious bug.

4. grobar ,

True, a long time ago Aminiel said it's an error and abandoning shouldn't be accepted but it wasn't corrected.

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