Bug in 99

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1. helleon,

Hey all there's a bug in 99 that has been there for a hell of a long time just did not get round to mentioning it. If someone forgets to draw, the whole game is affected, and every round (the current one and any following rounds after it) will end early with the game not at 99, and pennies being lost all over the place. The game can end at something like 73 or similar and any player can just lose 3 pennies! Maybe the sollution would be to set the game to draw a card automatically after one is played or something?

2. grobar ,

That's not a bug, you're supposed to draw yourself, if you lose all cards you lose 3 pennies.

3. Dayan ,

Exactly. I think that's actually how that's suppose to work. If it wouldn't be the case, the game would draw a card instead of you doing it, always.

4. helleon,

yes but the time when the round ends is different every single time, and the whole game changes after that round: every other round is the same way.

5. grobar ,

No it's not different, it will end if you have no cards.

6. Pavkov,

And you have to draw immediately after you play a card, not after your opponent.

7. helleon,

even if you draw after the time you did not draw the same thing happens people

8. grobar ,

What do you mean, when you draw the game behaves normally, and when you don't the round ends after you lose all cards.

9. helleon,

yes but the same thing happens for all rounds following the round where someone did not draw.

10. grobar ,

No it does not happen if you normally draw in the next round the game continues normally, if it happens for you then send the history so i can see better.

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