bug report in web client, 1000 miles general state reads only one person's state

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1. dusty1,

I have been testing out the web client, for possible use on my android cell phone when I am traveling since there is no device specific client, and in 1000 miles, I noticed at least one problem. When I go to check the general state of my game, all I hear is my mileage, state, and any special cards I have played. What I don't hear is the state of my opponents. If I miss a message, or it has been a while since played, I have no idea of where he is, his state, or what special cards he has preventing me from playing a stop. this exist both in chrome for Android and internet explorer 11 on windows 10.

2. Saniel_Morse,

Hmm, did you try by pressing Shift+I to check the others' state? I agree this can be kinda problematic from movile devices, though, as I haven't tested it yet.

3. YNWA,

this feature changed last year and if you check updates you will see. It says press i to find out your own ssituation such as you have traveled 500 Miles and have a flat tyre for example. If you want to find out your oponents you press shift I as stated in previous posts. What I don't get is why does it need to say everything about you when pressing shift I, when I on it's own does that functionality as it is unnecessary.

4. basket,

Ynwa, he is using the web client so what you are saying is not applicable for that.

5. grobar ,

Hello, shift i and i is relevant for the web client, unless he is using a smartphone of course, in which case the bug is simply that in the menu which appears on the web client, there is no option to view state of all players, only yours.

6. YNWA,

True, Too busy thinking of the game and was passing time! Although, the repetition is not needed.

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