Unused account still existent after more than six months

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1. Cristina,

I’ve decided to post in this section because I have a bug to report.
Last year, I asked in another topic after how long an unused account gets deleted. You answered that it shouldn't take more than six months and it will be disabled automatically.
A year passed since the account was used last time, having Cristina as nickname, but the account still exists.
I know when it was used last time because last January I wanted to change back my nickname from serenity to Cristina, which was not possible. I asked Marina7 to help figure out why.
After we checked the statistic of that account, I asked you after a period about what I already said.
Then time to time I kept checking the account statistics and I noticed that nothing has changed. The person hasn't logged in since Marina and me checked first time.
If this is a bug, could you fix it please? I would like to change my nickname back to Cristina. If it's something else and it’s impossible, then please let me know.
Thank you in advance!

2. YNWA,

I have noticed that accounts last more than 6 months too as there are some friends on my list that haven't been the playroom for ages but having said that they don't want their account deleted. However, I am surprised that Helpers arn't able to deleted accounts if requested too do so. If The helpers don't have the facility to delete accounts already then it would be a useful option for them to have for the future!

3. Cristina,

Yes, in that case it would not be good if an unused count would be disabled automatically.
I also agree if the helpers could disable an unused account when there's a stituation like that about what I've talked in my previous post.

4. Aminiel,


Why couldn't you delete your account yourself ?

You can do so by going on the options page, far on the bottom.

5. soundarya,

Yes exactly I was going to say that.
You have the option to delete your account if you so desire.

6. Vojvoda,

You didn't understand her well I think. Cristina is account of someone other who wasn't using that account for ages. And that account is still not deleted automatically.

7. Cristina,

Yes, as Simonovic has said, that account is not mine, therefore I can not disable it.
And I can change my nick to Cristina, just after when that unused account will be disabled. And just you Aminiel can make this, at least, the helpers have told me so, when I've asked them about it.

8. soundarya,

Oh, now I understand.
So as you changed your nicname someone else created an account with the name that you had before?

9. Vojvoda,

Yes and this account is more than 6 months unused and it still exists

10. basket,

How do you actually know the account hasn't been used in six months? Just because it's not online when you are doesn't mean it hasn't been used in any capacity.

11. Dayan ,

Unknown player: Cristina.
Unknown user / utilisateur inconnu.
Those are the messages I get when I try to block or to check the stats of the player Cristina, so it does not exist at all, unless I wrote it wrong. And yes, I tried the blocking only as a test, not ment to block someone. Anyway, that player does not exist. I don't see what's the issue then.

12. Cristina,

Forgive my boldness basket, but it supposed that a helper should know what you've asked.
I've said clearly in my first post from where I know.
And yes, Diana, suddenly that account doesn't exist, but before I've posted it existed.
It seems that after one year an unused account will be disabled, or I do not know how it happened so.
Anyway I am glad that I can get back that name and just this is what it matters, smile.
Kind regards, Cristina-Ioana!

13. Vojvoda,

It is enough that you memorise how many times someone entered from that account and then you know is it used or not. Though I don't know if logging via the web counts too but probably nobody would just check the website or the forum without connecting to the client or something.

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