new bugs on yahtzee!

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1. tiny,

today i understand when we get a 5 of a kind we can take 40 score on large straight! or 40 score on 4 of a kind!
maybe we can find the other new bugs like these on this game,
happy bugging!

2. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello, that's not a bug, read the latest post in the updates and work in progress topic.

3. YNWA,

yes it is there but not clear. If you get a second yahtzee you can get those bonus points!

4. tiny,

but those points are not standard, we haven't such thing as second yahtzee on real yahtzee!

5. Pavkov,

Real yahtzee is completely different than this here. At least the one in Europe.

6. tiny,

however, these points are not standard. we must try make the games like real not fancy! there isn't relation between large straight and second yahtzee..

7. YNWA,

Many of the games arn't like the real game here as they do have their variants. The best example is Uno, imagine Aminiel trying to get rid of the extra rules that he put in place, I don't think people would be happy as they have become very popular in The Playroom!

8. tiny,

at least you should put these rules as a new option, untill the users they like and the users that they don't like these option be able to choose that, if they want give more points when they ritch second yahtzee or no..

9. Pavkov,

oh, that is a good suggestion

10. MagicalKrrish,


i don't see any reason why should we not appreciate the new changes to the yahtzee game here. I myself love it.
It gives more options with 2nd yahtzees.


11. tiny,

ok, and for me playing yahtzee with this new option hasn't any Having fun for me, so if you don't want restore last yahtzee options, please act into my offer, now yahtzee have 1 optional rule, when we starting the game we always see this question, Use non-standard rows (single pair, double pair, and misere)? and please put another optional question that ask from us use second yathzee and more points? with this job you will able to keep satisfied your all users that they like or don't like this new option, thanks

12. Nikola-Jovic ,

Oh well, getting 2 or more yahtzees isn't easy anyways, but yeah sure we should probably have an option for those extra rules just like we do in all other cases.

13. tiny,

thanks. it's not easy but i think taking yahtzee after applying this option become more easy!

14. Pavkov,

Adding this option doesn't make your chance of getting yahtzee bigger or smaller. It is just like before.

15. Saniel_Morse,

funnyly enough, after reading the last message I managed to make two yathzees in a game! Something that never had happened before. :D

16. YNWA,

you know what your challenge is now don't you? get 3. ahahhahahaha

17. Pavkov,

And you know what comes after 3? 5 of course!

18. Saniel_Morse,

Lol... I swear that if it ever could be possible, a yathzeeton would be extremely welcome in here... LL.

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