Bouillabaisse Fifth Round Bug

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1. RedHawk,

Hi there,

It seems like when the everything or nothing rule is activated in Bouillabaisse, taking all four of the selected figured in third round does not seem to be making us lose points in the fifth round even though it probably should.

2. YNWA,

It looks like people don't get the message here even though people say it on several threads. If you find what you think is a bug you should put the game example in your thread as it makes it easier for Aminiel to see for himself plus the other users of this platform.

3. Adventure-Time,

@RedHawk It shouldn't. The rule everything or nothing makes you lose points provided that you collect all cards in a round which are worth points. All of them. Hence you'd need to capture all cards in the fifth round to get a negative score since each trick itself gives you 5 points. Good luck with that! :D

4. RedHawk,

Oh, gotcha. Thanks.

Latest edition by RedHawk, Feb 5 2017 23:21:12

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