the new game hearts

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1. YNWA,

When you press enter with 1 or just 2 players it says this game can be played with 2 to 12 players where the rules states 3 or more players. When you have 3 players then everything works fine of course. Just something easy to correct.

Looks a good game.



Latest edition by YNWA, Mar 4 2017 22:37:49

2. Vojvoda,

There is same mistake with zanzibar you can play with 16 even if it says 12. It is because Aminiel just took the code from Bouilabaise and did not correct the informations and etc. It also tells you to press r to viev informations of the round like in bouilabaise. In zanzibar are also some misspellings.

3. helleon,

when playing hearts, if you are the master and your turn is first, after you submit 3 cards, your cards disappear and it still states that it's your turn. strange

4. Cristina,

na, what do you expect, they are still beta, so, be patient. smile

5. Vojvoda,

That's why we have to post what should be corrected

6. Nikola-Jovic ,

The dialog title for score limit is called spades, more copy pasting of code :D and r doesn't tell you if jack of diamonds is enabled, even though it says when you press f1 to press r to get rules of the current round, which again is more copy paste.

7. YNWA,

When Aminiel creates a new game he is hardly going to take a blank piece of paper and write the same instructions for a game that is simular to one he already has. That makes no sence at all especially when those other features already work perfectly elsewhere. If you tlook at how you discard 3 cards in Hearts then you should notice that something simular first appeared in Tarat and later in Cribbage. That is how good programmers work and it is perfectly normal.

8. Vojvoda,

I agree taking code from simular game is good and so work good programmers but to be honest i simply don't care from which game he took the code. I care about the things which I see in this game and I see some things which have nothing to do with Hearts, OK. It is still beta and all that. But we should find bugs and not release from the first playing that he took code from bouilabaise spades or whatever. Btw, no hate, just said what I think and I am very thankfull for new games. They seem to be very nice and when we say what is not good then we should say also what is good. I think new two games are going to be very much played here and I hope so because I already like them.

9. YNWA,

Just out of interest what do you think should or shouldn't be in the game. From what I read it does suggest a lower of score of 50 points. If you type in 50 here you will get 50 rounds or even 99 you will get 99 rounds. I think you should get a medal if you play 99 rounds consecutively without breaks, lol. I know the reason for introducing the option of say typing in single figures and getting 3 or 4 rounds but i think 30 or above should be made into points not rounds.

10. helleon,

seems like a lot of corrections have been made even over the last 12 hours or so

11. YNWA,

nothing wrong with that, that's why it is Beta.

12. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello, taking code wasn't mean as an offense or anything, it was just meant for Aminiel to see that he forgot for example to change the title of the dialog or whatever. Taking code from another game is normal, in fact all games of playroom are relatively similar when it comes to structure. Indeed this game is beta, and we are just pointing out which bugs need to be corrected. But yeah both games are great for me, especially zanzibar will require some learning, i was already familiar with hearts however it's still great to play it here.

13. balasana ,

It would be nice to show who haven't swapped when players waiting for the round to start. Also would be nice to have an option for the one who shoots the moon by getting all points to choose between him deducting 26 points or for everyone else to add 26 points.
An observation too; not sure if anyone else has noticed. The cards often aren't shuffled very well.
It's a great game. Thanks Aminiel to make it available.

Latest edition by balasana , Mar 5 2017 17:30:04

14. Nikola-Jovic ,

There's a bug, if jack of diamonds is enabled and you get all points of the round as well as the jack, instead of getting nothing and all players getting points you get 16 points.

15. majoz,

I suppose you all have noticed it, however if you win in zanzibar, there's no winning sound. Just another quick thing to fix. :D

16. sound2,

The last time I played zanzibar, there was a winning sound.

17. Dayan ,

But there's not the usual clapping, only the, let's say, ending round sound. :D

18. Fawaz,

There is this tone. cause I guess there is more than one winner, and only one loser. so losing the game is the main thing here :D
That's why I guess there is no claping.

19. Adventure-Time,

Yup, that'S correct. It makes perfect sense. Zanzibar is actually the first game in here in which losing matters more than winning and so the winner is less important. I mean, in most of the games, the loser who's last is the first to leave the game, unlike in Zanzibar.

20. YNWA,

This post was for Hearts. I think it would help Aminiel if you put ZANZIBAR IN FULL CAPS if you make a comment about that game without specially naming the game to make it clearer what you are talking about at the top of the post.

21. Nikola-Jovic ,

LOL why that? It was quite obvious anyways.

22. YNWA,

True, but you know how easy things can change.

Anyway something more important. Thanks to a friend of Furki's I have discovered how you can start with 50 points and not 50 rounds.

1. Create Game as usual.

2. when asked what score you would like for the game type into the dialogue box 050 where the 100 is and press enter.

You can do this for any number between 50 and 99 so you are required to reach 99 for the game to finnish if you have selected 99. If you just type in 50 then you get 50 rounds. if you type in 049 or 49 you still get 49 rounds. Remember the 0 must come before any number.

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