Small bugs in zanzibar

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1. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello, when you press f1 for help there's a reference from yahtzee :D Press Shift+S to view detailled score sheets. Which obviously doesn't work. Also there's a typo when your opponent throws the dice it is spelled thrwos and not throws.

2. Dayan ,

Also at the end it says, playername lose! when it is suppose to be, playername loses! As I think. Regards.

3. Adventure-Time,

I guess lost would be just enough. I've discovered another bug though, this one's pretty urgent in my opinion. If two or more players happen to roll a 421, it seems the 10 tokens are always given to the table master. Unfortunately I don't have a saved history file to prove my issue, but I'm quite sure I'm right.

4. majoz,

And this happens not just with the 421. I think there should be a reroll between those 2 players or a tie. I see choosing a random one really not fair.

5. Dayan ,

And in the other side, either rules are wrong, or is a bug, or i am wrong. If I'm right, in the rules it's written that the combination 2 2 1 gives 4 tokens, which is not happening at all.

I wasn't the one finding out this bug though i saw it as well, and I just thought of sharing it...

Latest edition by Dayan , Mar 8 2017 11:23:43

6. majoz,

I found more things from yachtzee, such as press spacebar, or enter to roll or proceed to the scoring. I suppose the stats form for this game is still being created.

7. Adventure-Time,

I echo Diana's post about the 2 2 1 roll. I haven't figured out yet how the rule exactly works. Once I did receive 4 tokens but in most cases not.
Regarding 421, randomness shouldn't play any role. The second player who gets 421 and beats the previous 421 should win, so he either passes his 10 tokens to the opponent, or the opponent has to take them in the loading phase. This is how I understood it according to what the rules state.

8. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello enter to roll dice or proceed to scoring is from yahtzee but isn't anything which is wrong or doesn't work.

9. MagicalKrrish,

If you look or notice closely you might see that the players who playing with you while rolling the dice it says trhows, rather than throws.

10. Nikola-Jovic ,

Exactly what i wrote in the first post :)

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