Something that should be fixed with spectator mode

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31. Nikola-Jovic ,

My point is, why should i report a bug if it's going to turn in to a 50 posts drama of disagreeing and unrelated things?

32. Aminetr25 ,

If there is a thums up feature on this forum I would thum you up Nikola.

33. Fawaz,

I don't think comments will effect decision of the devloper, that's why people should keep posting all the bugs (well at least whatever they think its a bug).
In this case especially, I believe people had different opinions cause we used to replace whoever was spectating after asking by pm or public chat.
and in UNo tournament many times I remember we used to replace our self with a player who suppose to play, cause he doesn't speak English.
so they simbly understand now their turn to play.
so we had benefits from this (bug) as you mentioned.
my self as many others here don't think its a bug, cause of many reasons some of them already been posted here. but that doesn't mean you're wrong.
at the end it will be up to the developer, and how easy to fix it (if it is a bug indeed).
best regards.

34. the-raven,

definitely agreed

35. MagicalKrrish,

Exactly! For me it has been a plus point of that function and I really didn't see any problem so I gave my opinion. It is a benefit tool in times of tournament. Only you people taking this into wrong direction and i never Mentioned not to report a bug, I didn't see this as a major bug or to be truth this isn't a bug at all! We are free to give views so i gave my side of thinking that's all. I m not sure how you was affected it seems you was really multi-tasking and someone replaced you and forced you to play it seems. Anyways I still stick to my word that this is very useful.

Regards MK.

36. YNWA,

I tell you what to save arguing we will change it to supporter mode!

37. Vojvoda,

This plus function or bug however you call it has been fixed, thank you Aminiel.

38. Aminetr25 ,

Glad it has been

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