Issues with zanzibar and smartphones

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1. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello, the following is an issue that isn't happening always and i have no consistent way to reproduce it, but it's definitely there. If you play on the web client ( i tested this on Android but i think the same would happen on iOS) and roll the dice in zanzibar by shaking the device, at times when you try to check or uncheck the dices it will say: you keep 0 and rethrow 0 0 and the next person who throws the dice will get 2 random numbers and 3rd one will be always 0, sometimes after that the game crashes and sometimes it just continues normally. I will try to get a history later on to show exactly how it looks.

2. majoz,

Hello there, I can confirm that right now. We've played on IOS devices and the zero has appeared here. Unfortunatelly, when i threw for another time, I couldn't check other dices nor the zero one. Here's a part of the history.
Welcome to the playroom, version [12.03.2017]. 89 players are connected at the moment.
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You have joined the table.
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6 1 0
You keep 0 6 and rethrow 1.
You keep 0 and rethrow 1 6.
You keep 0 1 and rethrow 6.
You keep 0 1 6 and rethrow no dice.
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You keep 0 1 and rethrow 6.
You keep 0 and rethrow 1 6.
You throw the dice: 2 1 0
The table has been saved !

3. Nikola-Jovic ,

Hello, thanks for submitting the history, and for confirming it's the same on iOS.

4. Aminiel,

CAn you also reproduce it on the web client under windows or MacOS, or is it really something phone specific ?

At present I'm unable to reproduce it.

5. Dayan ,

I tested on windows, and it works with no problems at all, but I found out something, perhaps a bug, perhaps it's normal but the thing is, when I press space to see which dice I want to rethrow, if I am located on a number, it either checks or unchecks it. If I am lokated in the roll dice button, it rolls the dice. So basically it works as the enter key when I think it shouldn't be so.

6. Nikola-Jovic ,

Aminiel, i believe this issue is phone specific, unless shaking the device simply simulates the enter key just like the roll dice button, but in that case the bug is quite weird, but just to clarify that it happens only if you shake the device, not if you roll by pressing the button. Diana, this is actually not a playroom bug, but screen readers activate buttons when you press space. If you use NVDA, press insert f2 and then try space and it should work, and with jaws it's insert+3.

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