error in quizz party

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61. the-raven,

your signalling is too short? :-)

62. YNWA,

If you have errors that are game related and not question related then you send in error reports as you would for any other games and from my understanding they get passed on to Aminiel by one of the helpers.

Unless my memory is wrong and I am sure someone will put it right you press control f4 and choose game.

If it is a problem with a question then you press control h and type in a short message. Just something like I think the grammar is very poor for this question.

63. Oana-tN,

As i know, when you choose an answer you get a mesaje like: good!, excelent! or something like this when the choosen answer is good, but you get sory! bad luck! etc when your choosen answer is bad. and this hapens before the end of the game, so i don't think that the thing with yes and no could be aded, because i still don't understand what is that suposed to be for.

64. Everyone,

Its true, I haven't been able to signal questions either. I tried this for a few questions which were in the wrong category, and basically all I said was this question should belong in the X category instead. I don't know if there's a limit with how short the messages have to be minimum, but that seems highly illogical because this was really the only necessary thing to write in my opinion. I also just get an error which is not descriptive at all.

65. Fawaz,

I don't think it is about the message is short, usually I type long enough + the link.
even the master couldn't signal.

66. YNWA,

Some good news to report, the error CGT0 2 has now gone.



67. mohammedradwan9564,

yes really, i have bogue in game, some questions when you get it it says 0 correct answers, that you well and evrey one in table well lose point with any answer , i hope fix this bogue

68. AmineTrichine,

That's no bug, if you have more than 3 players it does it. If you answer wrong, you lose points. That's how the game works

69. YNWA,

I was just checking the Spanish Quiz party tonight and noticed they now have the issue CGT01 that the English Quiz party had. Looks like this bug is catching!

70. the-raven,

The bugg is due to questions being validated without selecting a category.

71. javino,

i've also noted an error in this game, but it's not exactly a bug, i's something about translation. when you start the game, you know, the first info says: currently there are x valided questions, where x is the number of questions.
well, the word valided is wrong, it must be validated and not valided. also, there is one category name which is written wrong. television and medias
the word medias is wrong, it should be media, without the s.

72. Nikola,

Another small typo. When you are about to confirm the question submission, it tells you the following: Here's the question you are going to send. Confirm this submission by choosing the "submit now" button. If you want to modify the question text or the answers, select the elmeent to modify. By choosing cancel, all your input is deleted.
elmeent should just be changed to element.

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