Playroom Web Client is in French

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1. slannon,

I've noticed that the web client for the Playroom appears to be in French. Every time I connect, the text is changed to French and I must manually select English. This change doesn't save between sessions. I've also noticed that viewing the forum in the web client always displays text in French. Is this a bug with the web client?

2. Nikola-Jovic ,

I don't remember that being the case, but Web client connects with the language you set using Windows client. What this means is that if you left the french playroom from Windows client, then when you connect to your account the site will be in French. If you didn't do that, it's probably a bug. Edit: Bug confirmed, definitely on French by default.

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3. slannon,

Yeah, this is a bug. I'm using the web client on a Mac within macOS. The Windows client is set to English by default.

4. cherry-blossom,

I have experienced the same problem now that I have lugged in on a MacBook as well

5. Dayan ,

I have the same problem. When I am in my phone it connects me on the spanish part, but if I use my computer it connects me on the english one. Did not happen in french, but still it is annoying even if i set the language or even if i log in directly by typing, it still sends me to spanish, not english... I think this was not the case before.

6. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Well, I think it depends on to which language your your mobile is set to. I use it in English and when I open the website it directs me to English normally, but I didn't try if it changes when my phone language is different!

7. Nikola-Jovic ,

Not really, i tryed it from pc, and websites can't detect your phone languages.

8. AmineTrichine,

I've just tryed it on both, it always directed me to the English part; Not sure how this works, but yes i guess it depends on your system slash brouser language?

9. Nikola-Jovic ,

The only thing it can depend on is your location, but i highly doupt that. It might simply be that the bug is fixed.

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