(solved) Small typo in spades

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1. Nikola,

Well it applyes for some other games too, but the message IT's x's turn has both i and t capitalised while it should just have i. I don't personally care too much about these, but the synth i am using has a bug where it reads IT's as it if i and t are capital, so i hope that can be fixed.

2. Saniel_Morse,

Hello, here comes another small mistiping: It doesn't matter if it's not fixed anyway: when someone else "plays" in in Cribbage, the word in Playroom is not conjugated correctly. So if I played against Bob and Alice, it would say "You play X card"; else, at Bob's turn the message would be "Bob play Y card", and same thing happens with Alice.

Best regards.

3. Nikola,

Oh yes i noticed that. Edit: Both of them solved now, nice job!

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