Bugs in cribbage

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1. the-raven,

Yesterday, my friend encountered a bug in cribbage. Her hand was ace ace 7 7 7 7, and the computer only gave her 24 points, even though it should've been more, probably 38. I'm posting it here since she does not have the history report anymore, but thought it was best to report it anyway.

2. Angelina-princess,

Well, first, I was counted it should be 26 only, & when I got your result then checked again & I think I was forgot or defected with the cyclic permutation formula.
Anyway, I vote for your result Raven :D

Latest edition by Angelina-princess, Jun 13 2017 17:07:01

3. Aminiel,

Let's try to count and see:

That's correct, this hand is worth 38 points.

I will verify when I have time, thank you for noticing.

4. the-raven,

Thank you so much for your help

5. dahlia ,

yes? that was me! thanx for all attentions, well i was wondering how ? then again many thanx.

6. YNWA,

I think the computer was angry 38, far too much. Well done nice score.

7. tiny,

and i think here considered a default maximum score, wondering..

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