Friends list issue

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1. Mazdak ,

Hello. When i'm entering to the playroom and when i'm checking my friend's list also, it seems my screan reader says received demands 1. Also i'm getting the same sound for having a new friend request, and it says you have 1 demand in your friends list. But when i'm trying to open the received demands part, it says this list is empty. I have quit the gameroom many many times and I have entered the playroom again, but I couldn't be able to see my received demands. I'm now confused. Is it a bug?or I have really a friend request from someone. If the second answer is correct, so why it doesn't show my received demands to me? I will thank you if anyone help me. Best wishes.

2. marina7,

hello there, you probably tried to add yourself so write in the chat box the following commend:
/accept failboy
then you'll find yourself in your friend list, just remove yourself.

3. AmineTrichine,

Does adding yourself to your friendlist stil work? Last time i tryed it didn't. It just quacked. LOL

4. Everyone,

Yeah, I never got that to work either. If that's not the case, then perhaps change your name to something which doesn't attract random failures... Sorry, you probably saw that coming but I couldn't resist.

5. AmineTrichine,

LOL he's right. what do you know. Null was a pain in the neck when it was used by somebody, so yep.

6. Mazdak ,

Oh, thanks everyone, I was not careful I have added myself in my friends list, I didn't remind it. Now it have been solved. Thanks again.

7. Nikola,

Hello, does work at times, i just added myself. Not sure when it does and doesn't work, but when you get a lucky day then you will be able to add yourself.

8. AmineTrichine,

Oh, I know how it happens. Has something to do with caps. if your name is not capitalised, for example, nikola, so that would be /add Nikola and it'll work.

9. Nikola,

Oh yeah might have to do with capitalisation, although i think i typed a lowercase n even though it's capital and it still worked, also names at least when you log in aren't case sensitive.

10. Saniel_Morse,

You are now friend with saniel_morse !
Does that short the issue? :D I just tried doing it (with no caps) and it worked. Another way for not feeling alone anymore. Haha.

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