Recent bug with the forum from the Windows client

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1. Nikola,

Hello, pressing ctrl t to view the list of participants doesn't work, it just gives a blank line.

2. bloodsharp,

yes it does i tried it

3. AmineTrichine,

I am guessing that's because the forum has no participents. Because as we know, inbox shows participents as the people you sent that permenent message to, and not those who replyed to your message.

4. Nikola,

I believe participants are people who wrote messages in the topic, but even if it doesn't, that shortcut should simply not be mentioned then. But i think that shortcut used to work, however i might be wrong.

5. AmineTrichine,

The web forum doesn't have a list of participents. i haven't been here at that time but, was the client forum introduced after the inbox? If so, I am guessing the messages were copyed from there, that if it's not the same code. Although I pretty much think forum and inbox is all one code.

6. Nikola,

It probably is, but that doesn't mean it's not fixable.

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