A bug about questions in the Quiz party

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1. Mazdak ,

Hi. I don't know it is a bug? Or I have this problem myself only. Anyway, when I'm playing quiz party with a person, when I have answered the followed question and when it is going to be x's turn to choose a category, if I press ctrl w to send a message to a person before he chooses the category and before showing the question after 5 seconds, I will lose the question, so it's saying Failboy refrained himself. Here is the example: x chooses a category, now if I press ctrl w durring his choosing and if I do not scape before that 5 second, I will miss the question and I won't be able to answer or choose one of options. I do hope if it is a bug, it will be fixed by admins, otherwise please tell me how can prevent myself from happening this problem?

2. Nikola,

Hello, press f11 to get the question back in such case. Technically it's not a bug, you were in another list while the question was send. The same thing would happen if you press enter on the question. When pressing f11, you are doing a resinchronisation of the list with the server which should cause the question to re-appear.

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