Monopoly announcement of figure amount

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1. shawnmays,

I have noticed over the years that the monopoly figure amount isn't spoken correctly. This is do to a space from the first initial numbers being spaced from the next set beyond the comma. Also the f11 feature needs to be put back in the game. What i am talking about is the f11 at the beginning of the game where you could get the extra 200 if you were the starter. That was a nice bug. Bring it back. If you could look into these features it would be grand.


2. Nikola,

There indeed are a lot of places where punctuation isn't spaced correctly. I don't know did Aminiel write these, but if yes, then you should put a space after every period and comma, but not before. This makes a lot of synthesizers simply ignore them. As for the second statement, makes no sense to bring back a bug.

3. Dayan ,

Actually what I've thought is... Well, as I used google translate in the past, sometimes those dots, comas etcetera, are not put at the right place, sometimes the translator used to put a space between them. I lately thought a lot like, maybe playroom is translated by using google translate :D

4. Nikola,

Haha, that would be terrible.

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