The Webclient of The QuentinC's Playroom lags when typing quickly

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1. Ramon-Salazar,


Today: I tested The Webclient of The QuentinC's Playroom on My PC and Android and When I type quickly it lags My Browser for 3 seconds, also I tested with Android with a Keaboard and it's same

It always happened and I couldn't type quickly

please fix this bug as possible

Latest edition by Ramon-Salazar, Jul 25 2017 12:01:58

2. Nikola,

Which browser? Personally i don't recomment using web client with chrome. Don't know if Aminiel can do anything about this or is it a chrome bug, but at least with NVDA, reading of live regions is broken. For example, instead of reading nikola says: Test. It may just read test. Live regions work well on other sites, so don't know why did this happen only on playroom. You can solve this by using browser speech synthesizer, but that introduces some other issues.

3. Ramon-Salazar,

I'm using Mozilla Firefox for windows 54.0.1 64 bit

Latest edition by Ramon-Salazar, Jul 27 2017 11:46:41

4. Nikola,

Oh ok, typing lag is not present on chrome. Firefox is somewhat slow in general.

5. Ramon-Salazar,

Nope, I can type quickly in other websites except The Webclient

so I think it's not The ishue of Firefox

did You try typing very quickly in croume?

6. Nikola,

Yes i did, even in firefox this bug doesn't happen for me.

7. Ramon-Salazar,

The bug happened when You swhich back to chat and if You type quickly at it lags once then it won't lag

8. AmineTrichine,

Dunno. it doesn't lag here at all. Tryed with different devices, ios, android, even windows. No lag.

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