Problem with busy and available (probably has to be with spectator mode)

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1. Dayan ,


Today while browsing the people online, I found a bug which shows people available even though they are busy.
To try to explain it instead of saying things that make no sense, one of my friends (if I open my friends list) appears as busy, but, while I browse the online players, with ctrl shift u or simply ctrl u, it shows the player available when it's actually busy.

I saw it already two times and even someone from the spanish side told me, but I could not confirm it till now.

I hope this bug can be fixed.

Regards, Dayan.

Latest edition by Dayan , Jul 29 2017 17:34:36

2. AmineTrichine,

Happened here as well, funny thing is, when Dayan was once playing uno I could see her as busy in my friends list and available in the players list. So yep, was afrayd of posting because i thought it was just me. LOL

3. Cristina,

Somehow all the players appear available, even if they are busy, although Aminiel has meant to be this: "- General: when a player is spectator at a table, his status stays available instead of becoming busy.".
i got this info from the topic about the last update.
I think, there might be a bug, as many of us noticed.

4. Nikola,

Yes, the bug was already reported on the French side and should be fixed in the next update.

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