A bug with the Quiz Party's question submitter names

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1. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Hi all,
I don't know what Dalia's username was before, or nickname sorry, I remember she used to go by a different name but I forgot it, it is the same username but she changed the nickname.
But in the list when you first open quiz, here:
dahlia <!13.07.2017 12:09:17>: 112.
The list of people who have submitted the most questions. But here, it mentions the date, does that mean the date of the time she changed the nickname or what? I need to understand this.

2. Nikola,

Yes i think so. Even on forums, if you delete account, for your previous posts there's a minus sign which is probably to let people know the account no longer exists.

3. helleon,

i haven't seen her online recently, could it be that that's what she has changed her username to, i.e. her name followed by that date?

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