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1. mohammedradwan9564,

publck bug some times when master tart gane it doesn't start and when i leave it asks and now i exited the client and intered back found my self 2 mohammedradwan5964 are playing so

2. play_romania1,

Yes, I has heared this from me friends.

3. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Uh, maybe lag causes it?

4. Ferrumite,

hum, I think that someone had posted about someone having gon offline in a table was still in the tables list. not shure is it connected. but... sounds like that.

5. AmineTrichine,

it's just when someone loses connection. It happened to me a few times.

6. Wiam,

That's because you have internet problems

7. Aminiel,

I don't understand anything to this post. Please write more carefully.

8. Nikola,

I didn't understand also, but for Aminiel a more understandable version is as follows: Sometimes when the table master starts the game, it doesn't start and when he leaves it asks him is he sure he wants to leave. He presses yes but he is still at the table. I think I know why that happens. If the table master presses enter and it asks you do you wish to play with default options, in some games at that point the players list is not updated if players leave or join the table. Scopa is an example I can think of. So the best way to reproduce: Create a scopa table and invite someone. When the person joins, press enter. After it asks you for the options, if the person leaves the table when you press w you will still see him at the table. In some cases, starting the game will even give him cards in the main room which is quite hilarious.

9. StormProductions,

Wow, give him cards while in the main room/ Imagine, in the main room, quiet and good, then hearing some card sounds, wtf is going on you crashing thing? :D

10. Nikola,

There are no sounds

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