Weird behaviour in uno with buzzers

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1. Nikola,

Hi. So When you play with wild buzzer enabled, at the end when only 2 people stay of course there is no need for pressing b. However, if you have 2 buzzers and make an interception with them, why isn't it your turn but instead the other person is allowed to play?

2. Aminiel,

For the same reason as it's never your turn again after a joker or +4.

3. Nikola,

You can't intercept jokers and +4s, but you can buzzers.

4. Nilla,

Yes, it makes sense from one side since it acts similar as a wild, but then it stops making sense when someone intercepts. I think that should be changed at least if only two players are at the game... No clue.

5. Vojvoda,

If you give that reason then disable interceptions with wild cards. If not then make it as Nikola said so...

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