Multiple bugs in the web client plus bug in yahtzee and zanzibar (so far)

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1. Dayan,

Dear aminiel. I wrote this post without seeing that you wrote one before, but still I hope it's not that bad to write another topic besides of the one you already wrote. Anyway, here I go:

First of all, since today, the web client is just not working properly. It does not show correctly the options, while on a game it really does not show anything, the language always returns to english, whatever happens on a game can not be heard unless you use page up and down and when you exit playroom you still have the menu of creating a table, joining etc...

Second, it seems that accounts can't be deleted. Here is what happened. A friend wanted to delete her account and she did everything as supposed to be, it did not work so I tried for her. First I typed the password and checked the box to delete the account and the button to delete the account was unavailable so I changed the language to english, then first checked the box and then typed the password, then the account could be removed without any problem, I don't know if due the order of the steps or the changing of language.

Third, I think these are dangerous bugs for cheaters, so Aminiel, I would thank you if you can contact me privately since I don't want any abuse from the users on here.

Kind regards:


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