Web client not working at all on Mac.

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1. avatar,

Hi. So the long and the short of my problem is that I for the last few days, I can't seem to log in properly on my Mac. I can get in on my Iphone just fine. However, when I try to log in on the mac, Voiceover talks about unknown commands, a layout button, and a debug button, among other things. I truly don't know what to do

2. Nikola,

Hi, this is currently an issue effecting almost all browsers, including chrome and firefox on Windows as reported by some users.

3. avatar,

Well, in a sense I am relieved that its not just me. Unfortunately, until it is resolved, I cannot play on Quentins at all. I foolishly left the playroom on my phone, and am now experiencing the same thing there. I really hope it gets fixed soon because frankly, I miss playing here.

4. Nikola,

Well, I can access it now. Did you try it? If you still get the error, try clearing the cache.

5. Aminiel,

The protocol error #8 should be fixed now.

6. avatar,

Yay. All working correctly again. Awesome. Thank you.

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