Broken again.

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1. avatar,

Well, I just had a beautiful game of Farkle with a bot, then when I tried playing with a fellow user, the damn thing started playing up again. When I quit Safari and came back in, it just had all that "layout" and "debug" stuff again. Couldn't play anything!!!

2. bloodsharp,

thats stupid

3. avatar,

I know right! "i mean, now I can get back in, but it sort of just limps along now. In games it is impossible to track along with the history because trying to do that often freezes my browser. Also, there is no verbal feedback about what the other players are doing in the game. I really wish they would get the web client working properly again. It is grossly unfair that I can't play properly now simply because I don't have windows.

4. bloodsharp,

is your computer a mac?

5. avatar,

Yes it is.

6. bloodsharp,

you can run playroom using a program called wine it lets you run programs that are for windows

7. Nikola,

That is for linux

8. bloodsharp,

for mac also

9. Nikola,

True, there exists one for mac as well, but that's not the point nor the solution. He can use a VM as well but the web client exists for a reason.

10. avatar,

Exactly Nicola, the web client exists for a reason. As I have mentioned before, up until a couple of weeks ago it was working quite well. Now it is a shadow of its former self. I really wish that whoever is in charge of maintaining the thing would set too and make it right again. Its not fair.

11. Nikola,

Interesting cause the client works pretty well for me now.

12. avatar,

Are you on a Mac Nikola? Just curious. Anyway, I shall go and have another look at it presently.

13. Nikola,

No i'm not, but i've tried it on Windows and Android and things mostly work.

14. avatar,

Well, I had a game yesterday and yeah, it seems to be working to a point. I mean, the history still doesn't track correctly, and there are still in-game focus issues, but the rest is looking good; for now.

15. bloodsharp,

how is it now

16. avatar,

Still messy. There are still focus issues, and the history still isn't tracking correctly. Sometimes if I'm in a game and I want to check the last turn, I go back where it should be, and it freezes and says Safari busy" At least I can get back to it between turns now but still, it aint what it was.

17. Nikola,

Why don't you use page up and down for history? No need to reach to the history box which will be quite large anyways.

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