strange behaviour

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1. afsmel,

hi, thank you for this wonderful games.
i found a bug, while dealing quickly with jaws on the game it suddenly disconnects, further, jaws may read the cards incorrectly. specially on 1000 miles.
thanks in advance

2. fatih ,

I'm getting the saim bug. it says 200 miles but it's a repairation card. Please fix this bug if it's possuble.

3. Aminiel,

The bug when junking too fast is a known bug, I don't have any solution at the moment.

For wront card listing, try F11, it may solve the problem, in uno and 1000 miles.

4. Burak,

I find a bug on quick join also
I am typing the username, it is saying you are joind the table but it is on the main menu list. But I haven't tried f11. I will trie it. If it fixes the bug, I will delete this post if it's possible.

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