Bug (or translation problems) with some games.

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31. Nikola,

Another mistake in rummy: When pressing N to form a combination and then shift plus n to cancel, the Playroom outputs cancelcombi. Perhaps a string you forgot to translate?

32. marina7,

hey, the no sound problem is already known, for now you need to press f8 if it acurs with you.
it is not present for all players though. myself don't have it
btw which windows do you use?

33. StormProductions,

I use eSpeak for years, and in Romanian it sounds awesome, though it can mess around with accents a bit, but that's just getting used to it. Tried Eloquence but that's something I'll use if Romanian language will ever be added. Yes, I saw a lot of spaces before the punctuation symbols, and that's something eSpeak can mess around with, for example if you say "Hello !" and "Hello!", you see that eSpeak won't react if the exclamation mark is put after a space.

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