Link to English Instructions for Battleship Leads to Nonexistent Page

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1. RosieKitty,

Hi there, this is RosieKitty, and for the time being I access your website on my iPhone and really love your gaming server. However, I wanted to learn how to play Battleship, and even though I know pretty much how the game is played, I need to know things like how to place my ships, and when I tried to get the detailed rules, it said the page didn't exist. Is there another way to bring up the English instructions without having to create a table first?

2. StormProductions,


Looks like the Battleship's rules haven't yet published on the website, so as far as I know, the only rules available are those that you get when you're in a table.


3. Nikola,

Battleship rules are not available even in French, which is playroom's original language. I believe the reason is simply that the game is widely known. For general help regarding shortcuts you can use which is what you have been asking, press f1. However you said you are on an Iphone using the web client, in that case you wont need too much help with shortcuts as everything is based on pressing buttons under the actions heading. In particular when placing ships, there should be a button to choose whether you want to place ships vertically or horizontally, and once you do that you can simply select the upper left point by tapping on it in the grid. By the way, welcome here and I hope you will have a great time :)

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4. Adventure-Time,

Yup, welcome aboard and enjoy. Good luck using the web client with your iPhone. It's not as comfortable as the desktop client but despite some known little problems you should be fine. Battleship works well, except sometimes the cursor likes to act somewhat randomly when using vertical navigation to explore the board. But the buttons you're looking for are definitely there.

5. RosieKitty,

Thanks. I'm sure it won't take long to figure out. I have vertical navigation turned on anyway because I have the Huboodle, or Game World app, and they recommend turning vertical navigation on because there’s a word search game where it really comes in handy.

6. Adventure-Time,

Definitely does. I actually discovered vertical navigation thanks to GameWorld and I find it very helpful in some other apps too.

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