A possible bug with bots

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1. Nikola,

Greetings to everybody, hope your day is going well.
I was wondering something about the speed of bots. Now I do understand that bots were never really fast, and generally when playing with bots I do expect them to take at least 3 seconds per turn, which was I believe always the case. However, in recent updates I have the impression that in certain cases, bots are way slower than that, making it really boring to play with them. Will provide some examples here:
In trick taking games, especially bouillabaisse or spades, however probably all of them, bots take very long time to play, sometimes even up to 7 or 8 seconds. Even more weird is that they do so even with only one card remaining to play, in fact the impression I have is that in such cases they do it even more often than when they have multiple cards. I would understand if this happened let's say during the bidding phase in spades as that requires some more logic, however it happens in really simple situations and my opinion is that the complexity of the move is not really what makes them slower in this case.
In Monopoly, a first turn of the bot also usually takes a very long time, and that just to roll the dice, in fact it makes a move faster as far as I noticed if it does something more involved like deciding whether to buy something or deciding on a trade.
There could possibly be more examples of this, and I would have not posted this at all if I did not play with bots earlier and they seemd to take much less time deciding on their moves. Hopefully Aminiel can figure out a possible regression if there is one and improve the speed of the bots even if just slightly, as it would definitely make playing games much more interesting. Another example is definitely shut the boxes and again an even simpler game, however that was as far as I saw always the case and personally not that interested to play that with bots anyways.

2. YNWA,

I do agree bots are slow although in Rummy when making melds they are very fast especially with the extra rules.

3. Nikola,

Yes, Rummy is a game where bots are fine. My main example concerns trick taking games as they are in my opinion the most affected ones by this.

4. Vojvoda ,

Yes I noticed this as well. It isn't fun at all to play bouillabaisse with bots anymore. They are taking about 7 or more seconds to play, especially when they have less cards. As you mentioned it's quite hilarious that they are so fast in bidding tricks or with more cards than when they have less possibilities or decisions to make.

5. tiny,

hi all, simply i think we'd better keep this option for slower and new players but also add an option, fast playing

6. Vojvoda ,

I just don't get how can it help if bots play slower in card games. The only case where it would make sense is Uno. For all other games you have history and you can check anytime who played what.

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