A bugged ban?

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31. Darkwolf,

If mods on any server are abusing the abilities which come with their responsabilities then at least half the problem lies in the wisdom, or lack thereof, in recruiting such people. I'm sorry but promoting just anybody to such a position without knowing of their integrity is highly irresponsable.
In the meantime, we still have a player with an unreasonable ban period whom I maintain has done nothing to deserve it.
I'd also still love to know where the two non-existent names came from when in conversation with said player, or are we pulling account names out of hats now:

32. helleon,

If you'll allow me, I'll take a moment to look at it from the perspective of someone who isn't synical. This is a foreign concept to me so please excuse it! There's a possibility there that the accounts do exist I guess, but that they don't belong to the accused.

33. Darkwolf,

2 of the given names do not exist, I've checked them myself. I've looked up the players by the names Rowroad was given, and the results turned up nothing at all. The third name, which I did find, is linked to an account which was created in 2011. That was 8 years ago, which is by no means recent as it has so been claimed.

34. helleon,

It's likely, if the accounts did exist which they probably didn't, that the accounts were deleted. If the ban was that long, the account would still be deleted after six months wouldn't it?

35. YNWA,

an account is deleted after 6 months if the account remains dormant (yes it could be more than 6 months) but the account is banned so it would not be dormant, just unusable for that player. It would not be efficient to renewing banns after almost 6 months just for a player to start again and that is why I feel the said account would be listed for as long as the ban lasts. If the player does not use the account after the ban has finnished for 6 months it would be deleted again.

36. helleon,

@ynwa Have you researched this? Genuine question

37. Nikola,

In fact, a lot of it is inaccurate. The account is deleted, yes, however it does not matter whether it is banned or not because even if it is banned and you try to create it again, it wont let you do it on the same email address. Also, I could be wrong on this but I do believe it is after a year of inactivity and not 6 months.

38. Vojvoda ,

I think sometimes even more than a year

39. YNWA,

I did say in brackets it could be longer than 6 months so yes it is possible it could be longer than a year. I think more was said when Cristina was asking about deleting acounts a while ago but forget what was said. It would not make sense banning a person for 2 years if there account was automatically deleted after 6 months because they had not used their account because of the ban. If it was not the case then all those accounts would be deleted immediately.

40. Nikola,

I don't think it works with banned accounts anyways, otherwise we would be seeing names coming back and this would already be an issue.

41. Darkwolf,

accounts are not banned after 6 months, I'd been gone for almost 3 times that much if not longer and my account is still here and just as I'd left it before I came back last Dec.
Yet all of this is irrelevant for the following reasons:
1: Rowroad could log in on his old laptop, but not the new one. This issue was only noticed when he switched devices.
2: The mod stated that at least 2 of the supposed alt accounts were created the day before her comment, therefore they could not have been deleted due to inactivity after such short a time.
3: If the accounts were deleted then the issue at hand would be rendered moot. The accused is charged with having alternet existing accounts, presently. It would be rather stupid to ban someone for previously having alts which were deleted several months before the issue of said ban.
However I maintain that all of this is besides the point. We have begun the third month since the beginning of this thread. Why is this player still banned if this is clearly a bug, and why is nothing being done to improve the system?
This started rediculous, now it's just disgustingly absurd.

42. Pran,

It does sound like a big plot to me. I have a sneaking suspicion that this bug is purposely not being solved. Just imagine:
Someone, heaven knows who, is trying to ban someone

43. helleon,

@Darkwolf Accounts are most definitely deleted after six months. Whether you logged in for a second or two hours, that log-in would've been recorded

44. wolfi,

i leave hte playroom all year and only log in in the summer, my account never got banned?

45. Vojvoda ,

Helleon remember the considered girl, she did not enter for over than a year or even more and her account is still there

46. The-Queen,

I've said before and will say it again. If you've been given any type of power, don't misuse it. So far I haven't seen any of the helpers of the English, nor the French servers abuse their powers. In fact, they all have been very polite to me. If though, there are any rules not translated, that is a misscommunication and improper work and nobody is to blame except those who should be doing the job. But as far as I have seen the topics follow each other and you've already got an info on the updates from a few days ago, so I doubt that there is any missing rule. If you are pretty sure your friend or any player hasn't violated any of those rules, you can in fact talk to an administrator. If you don't speak French, I don't think that using the translation services available on the internet would be an issue for a small conversation for clarifying misunderstandings.
Hope you all have a great time, wherever you are. :)

47. Aminiel,


I haven't read all the topic.
However, the ban system is very complex and there may effectively have bugs. It's difficult to change something because a tiny change can greatly affect the security of the whole thing.

For the specific case of rowroad, we are searching what could cause the ban to apply, but up to now we didn't find the faulty rules.
WE will let you know, in case we find something. For now we have no solution.

Make sure not to use a blocked proxy or VPN, it's the cause of most unexpected bans. Also make an anti-virus analysis, because malicious softwares are regularely known to install hidden VPN to capture traffic.

In any case, we are very sorry for the inconvenience it can cause on honnest players.

About auto-removal of inactive players, it normally happens after one year.
Some reasons permanently prevent accounts from being deleted for inactivity, such as posting on the forum (otherwise discussions may no longer have sense), or long time bans (otherwise it would be too easy for offenders to come back).

Latest edition by Aminiel, Jul 16 2019 06:26:07

48. Ramon-Salazar,

Probably I think it's a sirial number ban, not a bug

One of my friends from Jordan has same issue, He can't login using his old laptop

49. The-Queen,

I don't think there's what more to discuss on this topic. Aminiel has cleared the misunderstanding, so just follow the tips given in the post.

50. Darkwolf,

The tips given in the post are moot in this case since as I've already specified, the person in question hasn't used a VPN nor does he know how to should he wish to use one. I've been saying it's probably a misunderstanding from the start, but acknowledgement is hardly enough of the player remains banned. That is the issue here.

51. Aminiel,

As already said, the ban system is complex and it is sometimes difficult to track down which exact ban entry blocks someone. Since the person hasn't been banned directly by his/her username, it's hard to find. I'm sorry for that but I can't do anything.

As I already have said as well, Don't knowing how to use a VPN doesn't implie that you effectively Don't use one. Malicious softwares sometimes install a VPn, as well as anti-virus, and even sometimes legitimate software with their stupid bars and ads, if they have been downloaded from unsafe sites. I have also seen PC resellers and all their crap software installing VPN, too.

52. Darkwolf,

That might explain how this problem arose only after the player in question started using a different laptop since his previous one was damaged. Though the one he started using since is some ten years old.

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