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1. paddy,

Hey all, I don't know if there already is a topic like this, but a friend of mine tried to register. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Firstly, you get an error404 after registering "The requested url /enindex,php was not found on this server". Then, he got an E-Mail with the required link. After clicking the link, nothing happens. An empty page. I know how it was when I registered. It told me that I verified successfully and I could play without problems. What's wrong there?

2. Aminiel,

What do you mean by it doesn't work ? Was he able to connect to the playroom ?

Many people manage to register, including these last few days, so I must assume that it still works.

3. paddy,

Hmm, I don't know. Unfortunately he couldn't log in. I tried it yesterday, but with no result. It doesn't work.

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