not a known error in the game "6 takes".

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1. facelessghost,

Hello everyone!
I had some kind of error.
I played the game "6 takes".
and for some reason the bots stopped walking.
I went, but there are no bots.
Can I somehow tell you about the game?
Is this technically possible?
To find out the cause of the error and eliminate it in the future, what should I do?
bots just do not go.
and if you press the arrow to the left, the message "a critical error has occurred and the application should close."
Thanks in advance for the answer!

2. Aminiel,

Sorry, it happens quite often that bots stop playing.

If you can reproduce the problem, try to keep as much info as possible. As such I have far too few info to be able to fix anything, sadly.

3. facelessghost,

I'm sorry, but the problem could not be reproduced!
I played this game on June 13th.
it is not bad to make a function if a slap occurred, but the client is open, for example, the bots stopped making a move, then by pressing the defined keys, a report was sent to the system.
with date and time.
as well as the history of the whole game.
For improvements, you can ask the player to edit the story so that it is in English or in French.
At the moment, it was not possible to repeat the problem.
I saved the table, hoping to skip and turn over the history of the game into English, and send it to you, but after the table was restored, the story was empty.
the only thing I can say for sure is that the game took place on 13.06.2019 and this creation date coincides with the date on the forum.

4. YNWA,

I think too much info there but if you have sent it in a game error report then that should be enough.

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