Replacing does not work in chess

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1. Nikola,

Hello. If you try to replace a player during a Chess game, the newly replaced player cannot do anything. Pressing enter on a piece to move does not work, pneither does pressing space to type in a move. Even abandoning a game or requesting a draw does not work.

2. Vojvoda ,

Does it work when you replace back with a person who was playing before?

3. Nikola,

Yes, if you switch back to the original player you can fortunately continue the game.

4. Aminiel,


Thank you for reporting this bug. I'll look at it when I have time.

5. tiny,

this is not good, it's better to not work on this game because, if we are at starting point we can restart it but if at the middle, almost no one wouldn't like to play a chess game of another which maybe he played badly or something

6. Nikola,

#ForumLogic this can be said for other games as well. Replacing is a thing done in common agreement, not randomly and then later you realize that the person does not want to play in the first place.

7. tiny,

in case of chess i can't see many replacing by agreement, actually, it never happened in any chess tables that i was till now. but anyway

8. Lemonade,

The fact that this topic exists at all must mean there are some people who do want this functionality, though. It's completely fine if you don't want it yourself, but that is a completely personal thing. Why should that be grounds for rejecting a simple suggestion which, I might add, Aminiel already said he would probably fix when he has time?

9. tiny,

because it's not much of an issue to be tried. as i said, i never ever saw someone replace one other for the chess game. not just i in fact, you can go to the chess tables and wait and see who want to do that but can't and then bring their complainings here too.

10. Vojvoda ,

I didn't even understand what you wanted to say Tini but anyways replacing in chess is not that often to happen which doesn't mean that bug shouldn't be fixed or reported.

Latest edition by Vojvoda , Jul 6 2019 15:38:00

11. tiny,

try again, it's simple. d. but, i never said it shouldn't be reported, i said it shouldn't be tried. of course admin doesn't have to listen to me necessarily but that's what i think aboutt this.

12. Lemonade,

The implementation of this suggestion also doesn't harm you in any way, shape or form. At this point, it seems like you're just arguing against the suggestion for the sake of arguing.

13. tiny,

i think i'm free to argue also. we're free to share all of our thoughts. so, i don't take your offer to be silent about something

14. Nikola,

Yep, argue as much as you like, don't let the fact that this is a bug prevent you. Don't also worry about the fact it works in every single other game, and that the feature is already there, it just does not work. So, I am not suggesting the replacement feature itself because it is already there, the fact it does not work is a mistake. Whether you, me or 300 other people will use it is irrelevant, because it is as I said implemented on the Playroom. By the way, if you don't want to be replaced in a game, turn on spectator mode and people can't put you. It is really simple. You never want to enter in a middle of a Chess game? You join as a spectator and the problem is solved.

15. tiny,

i think you yourself wouldn't continue a chess game after replacing. so, it doesn't work yeah, but that's fine because it shouldn't work it's ridiculous to be replaced in a chess game. replacing in other games is totally different although the majority of people don't like to continue such games too, sometimes we request to be replace or when the other side would be robot replacing is good, but for a chess game it's better to not work. and, i know the keys so i don't need such by the ways.

16. Lemonade,

I don't recall telling you to be silent. Probably because I didn't tell you that.
The thing is, lately I've been seeing a lot of people rejecting suggestions for absolutely no reason other than the fact that they personally will never make use of said feature.
Imagine a situation where my country's government wants to build a train station on the other side of the country which I will probably never visit. Wouldn't it be kind of pointless for me to complain about that, since the station probably benefits others and the building of the station doesn't harm me at all?
And again, people will make use of this feature, because they posted about it and requested it. So the fact that you yourself haven't run into anyone who wants to replace someone else in the middle of a chess game is a non-argument. Imagine someone is trying to get started learning chess, and wants to look a bit more in depth at a board layout which might pop up in the middle of a game, and see what some of the moves do. Would you deprive them of that because you personally don't like the option, because you think others shouldn't have it either?
This kind of negative attitude towards fairly simple changes bothers me. And remember, you're not the only one who has freedom of speech here.

17. tiny,

and you remember i didn't claime that i'm just the only one, the comparing is wrong and can't be applied on the chess thing. also for learning it i'm sure that this room couldn't be the best place. again i don't say you or admin should listen to me and follow what i said, i just said that such replacing is ridiculous in my mind and i never see people doing that in my hundreds of joinings on chess tables, not because they cant, but they didn't want. but yeah i saw replacing option isn't bad in other games and sometimes we need to do that and i saw that replacing on the other game tables.

Latest edition by tiny, Jul 6 2019 18:30:55

18. helleon,

Rejection, in one sense, is just as valid as acceptance. Tiny has every right to give his views on the suggestion whether you like them or not. There have been some (in my opinion) pointless suggestions made on the forum at times, not this one, but people have every right to say that no, this is not necessary and we do not need it so that the developer can go with majority rules when it comes to what issues to prioritise.

19. YNWA,

Aminiel if you want new players to learn chess via the PR then allow the option to select your own pieces from the start. One example would be to play all pawns, another option could be just to have both kings plus White Queen and Castle to teach people how to create checkmate.

20. Aminiel,

@YNWA: you can do this by entering a position before making the first move. It is just quite inconvenient because you must enter it in FEN format.
I certainly need to improve this, but it isn't urgent.

21. YNWA,

I think moving on pieces and deleting them would be quicker right at the start but that maybe something for the future.

22. tiny,

then maybe with some works we could have chess positions like mate in 3 or 4 or other challenges for people too solve, it would be so nice, people can sent their challenges and the answers which means correct moves, something like they do for quiz, and edit or remove the bad ones later.

23. Vojvoda ,

I think you should be able to play chess with yourself in order to practise. Would it tbe difficult to implement?

24. tiny,

sometimes when we disconnect, there should be a key to say the last move. we can check, but it's better to be exist

25. Aminiel,


Changing player during the game should now work with today's update.

26. tiny,

great. and now it will reveal to all people easily, they will see how many people will actually do this in the middle of the games by joining them

27. Aminiel,

@Tiny: whether or not it is used by many people, I don't care much. It was clearly a bug, and didn't cost a lot to fix, so it had to be fixed, period. It would have been different if it was something harder to fix

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