Detected errors in the game Citadels.

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1. facelessghost,

I found bugs in the game.
I ask them to correct or explain why this is happening.
errors only in the following:
You have built an area that costs 1 coin, and you have 0 coins on your hands.
if you try to destroy a plot, they will tell you that you destroyed a plot for 0 coins, although it cost 3 coins.
and you did not have coins in your hands, but in spite of this you were able to destroy this area.
I do not remember which sections need to be fixed, but I hope that the forum participants will prompt in this topic.
It is necessary to make so that the player could not destroy sites for 0 coins.
As far as I know, there are no sites with zero cost in the game.
therefore, the destruction of areas that cost a certain amount of coins should be realized only when the character has the right amount of coins.
I myself destroyed the plots without having a coin on hand, but wrote that they cost 1 or more coins.
Dear players! tell me what the plots are.
need to fix the problem.

2. YNWA,

From my understanding you loose 1 less gold coign to the value of the quarter you are destroying.

Quarters worth 1 ggold coign mean you lose 0 gold coigns
Quarters worth 2 ggold coigns mean you lose 1 gold coign
Quarters worth 6 ggold coigns mean you lose 5 gold coigns

If that should be the case I do not know.

3. Aminiel,


To destroy a quarter, you must normally pay one less than it cost for its construction. So there are indeed quarters that you can destroy for free, those which cost 1 gold.

4. facelessghost,

Thank you very much!
I think the problem is solved!
I ask you to close the topic for discussion.

5. RedHawk,

Destroying something is almost always easier than building it! :)

6. facelessghost,

unfortunately it is so! It's very easy to destroy.
I generally think that it is not very right that the player builds for 1 coin, and some character can destroy for 0 coins.
Haven't the number of coins reduced by one so important?
I really want to see the reduction of coins not related to areas of special type.
it will be very reasonable, because usually such areas are built for a large number of coins, and their destruction should be honest.
i.e., for the destruction of the area, the dracoport participant must also lose 8 points.
it's like he was building it.
I think it's reasonable for special type cards.

7. Lemonade,

Well, keep in mind that destroying a building for 0 coins also means that you'll be destroying something which is worth only one point.

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