A bug in the latest update

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31. Lemonade,

Well, common sense dictates that if you want people to understand you, then you should come up with a logical explanation. And if not, then perhaps a public forum is not the place where you should air your grievances. Especially if it makes you turn as angry as you apparently seem to be getting.

32. tiny,

lol dear, i'm not angry at all. powerbank is right, you should ask from the reporter the reasons. i didn't report this bug, but also wanted to know why this limitation happened.

Latest edition by tiny, Aug 9 2019 22:09:41

33. Nikola,

Since I am the reporter, might as well say that I fully agree with everyone. I have stated that you could potentially access your friends list multiple times in a short period, however that as has been said is just a slight inconvenience. Nothing too terrible, and I know for myself that I will get used to that in a matter of a few days at most. I have reported this to see if it is a bug or no, and since I know it's not nothing else to say really. Tiny, you have 0 right to tell somebody to stay silent, close their mouth or whatever other insulting remark on a public forum. The limitation is slightly annoying, but not worth arguing over honestly. Instead of insulting others, state a situation where this limitation really affects you so badly. I can think of a case where for example, you want to invite a few people to a game. You press ctrl f, and invite a friend, but in the meantime another friend enters the playroom. If you press the shortcut again, it wont work, but that does not mean it is so urgent that you cannot wait a few seconds. If it really is though, get used to pressing f11 instead of ctrl f to refresh the friends list, and I believe that will still work just fine. I wish people could constructively discuss things on a forum really. If we argue over this minor thing, what would happen if one day something much more serious had to be removed. This is a free platform, volontary work, and while I'm not saying that you should not voice your concerns, at least do it reasonably and with arguments instead of being insulting towards others.

34. Lemonade,

From what I understand, it was reported as a bug because, at the time, no one knew that it was an intentional change. It was unexpected behavior. From reading the posts on this thread though, I'm pretty sure a lot of people can come to terms with the fact that it was actually an intentional change. Asking why this happens is fine, but to say it over and over and over and over, and telling people to close their mouth when they respond to your public post, is quite ridiculous.

35. Aminiel,


Please, be reasonnable, so that the discussion stay constructive.

The background has been explained, but there's still a small bug with that new feature, and it has also to be refined/adjusted in the next weeks.

So don't worry, at the end, this won't change your life a lot, normally.

36. tiny,

i don't think everyone or anyone else had that 0 right to patronize people comments by saying your angry or we know where are you from or talking about things that don't relate to them as well. so, i wanted to know why that happened and the reasons. that's all

37. marina7,

Hello, this topic will be now closed since its question was already clarified.
In regards to Tiny and any other player who does the same behavior, please remember that this is a public forum and you need to make your comments in a constructive manor, as well as behave with all respect to all players without oppressing anyone or making some rude comments. Therefore you’ll be banned from replying on forums for a while since this is your not first aggressive way, which you use even in addressing to us through f4.

Latest edition by marina7, Aug 10 2019 00:55:02

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