Possible bug with client's input dialogs

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1. Nikola,

Hi. This has always been the case, but the text that you input from the client does not seem to be in UTF8. For a concrete example, sending a permanent message, for example, which includes special simbols often found in languages such as Serbian or Russian does not work correctly. Those will just be displayed as question marks. Similarly, typing emoji does not work either. I noticed this is a client bug since this works just fine if you do this through the website. Also important to note is that all simbols I mentioned display just fine if you are writing chats. The only cases where this is broken are dialogs with a textbox, so for example replying to a forum, changing the status or writing a permanent message. Hope this can be fixed in a future update. If you need, I can send some examples of simbols which do not work.

2. Vojvoda ,

It can be the case maybe with letters đ č ć

3. StormProductions,

Romanian letters do properly work for me.

4. Aminiel,

Thank you for this bug report.

Do you have examples of characters that don't work properly ?
Is the problem occurring only when using the windows client, or it does also with the web client ?
Which dialog boxes exactly ?
Does it occurrs also in the chat box, i.e. room chat and PM messages ?

Thank you.

5. Vojvoda ,

When you send a pernament message as well as replying on the forum all characters are working fine except that emojis indeed are not working. But edit field for status message is not in utf8, so there are tons of characters which don't work

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