Weirdness with the new invitations menu

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1. Lemonade,

So today, I got invited once by the player Mogosog. However, when I hit ctrl+J, it didn't join the table, instead giving me a menu, where I could choose between joining Mogosog and Mogosog. No idea why this happened, but it did! I'm positive I did not get two invitations from him, because it was pretty much right after I logged in.
So sadly I don't have too much information on the situation. Perhaps other players have gotten this as well?

2. Nikola,

Wow, that's definitely interesting. I haven't gotten that, however I did notice that the menu does not take into account when an invitation has expired. So you can even try that yourself by inviting yourself twice and it will show both, even though the first one does not work. In a more practical scenario, you could be invited by two people, the first table could disappear but you will still see it in the menu if you press ctrl j.

3. YNWA,

Its nice to get something quirky in the PR.

4. Lemonade,

LOL yes, I was actually quite amused when I saw that. It's not critical priority or anything, but it's certainly unexpected behavior.

5. Aminiel,


I can already confirm that the bug exists, but I need to have a little thinking in order to fix it; that's a tricky one.
Nice catch, thank you very much !

6. squalinator ,

Hey, recently when I've been invited to tables, I get the menu with two options, to join the person who invited me, and to join someone else who didn't send me a table invitation. Just to let you know.

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