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1. darklordsshewolf ,

Hi, I would like to ask, why capital letters doesn't appear in my nickname and also not in the list of players. It appears only when i press insert t, when it reads opened window, but in the game itself it shows me with small letters. Thanks in advance. Klara.

2. Vojvoda ,

Because you entered it with small letters the time you created your nickname

3. Everyone,

I seem to remember this being possible by simply altaring the capitalisation when you start the client.

4. Vojvoda ,

Yes you can change it for game messages, but in the online users list your name will appear the same way you wrote it when you registered

5. Aminiel,


Something has been recently changed about caplitalization in nicknames.

Up to quite recently, it was inconsist. Most often it was written as you entered it in the connect dialog of the client, except at certain places.

A few players made a little fun out of this and it was also a source of strange bugs. For safety and consistancy, nicknames are now normalized everywhere to the way they have been written at registration time. If you want to change capitalization, you must change your nickname.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Sep 12 2019 21:42:29

6. Nikola,

Thanks for explaining this Aminiel. I wonder though why are nicknames always lowercase in the friends list and not like everywhere else?

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